Lets Talk About Lips…

All of us have slightly different lips; different shapes, different sizes. However, a lot of us have the same wish for our lips. We either just want them a little fuller and for the top lip and the bottom lip to be the same size. Not much to ask really. Just a subtle change that will make a big difference.

And this change can easily be achieved with Lip filler, to simply shape and plump your lips.

Don't worry, I am not talking about making your lips stick out of your face. I am talking about a natural looking results of fuller looking lips.

For example,

This client felt that her top lip was smaller than her bottom and when she smiled her top almost completely disappeared. So she wanted to just fill the top lip to make it the same size as the bottom lip. Below are the before and after photographs of her treatment.




Notice the subtle difference in the shape and fullness of her lips. The lip filler produces natural looking results. If she didn’t tell you she had lip filler treatments, you wouldn’t know.

If you feel your lips are unevenly sized or they are just smaller than you would like them to be, you should consider lip filler treatments. The lips are made numb before the treatment so you will feel little to no pain. Slight bruising and swelling can occur. Contact me for more details: Call 07837415870 or fill in the contact form here.